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Thanks Chris and Giorgio for the welcomes,   

Actually Chris, other than the native triphyllum, the only arisaema in my 
garden as of now is   consanguineum 'Perfect Wave' which I purchased from Se=neca 
Hill last summer and got planted before freezing weather.  All else have bee=n 
obtained since winter set in and could not be planted outside yet.   I am 
planting lots of seeds, and have many healthy seedlings of 6 species growingunder lights, first dormancy tubers of flavum in the fridge, and   about 8 o=ther 
species planted but still not germinated.    Have purchased a mature 
concinnatum and am eBay bidding on other things. ( I get a bit compulsive in=my hobbies 
I guess.)

I bought the Arisaema book, though it turned out to be only a first edition,and it is wonderfully informative, even for a novice such as I am.


In a message dated 3/16/07 5:25:15 PM, OlgaChrisEmily at MSN.COM writes:

> Welcome!!   This list needs some fresh discussions...I am as guilty as=the 
> rest.  Neat group of plants, I have some doing well, lost a few too.  =With 
> time, I am getting them sited better and learning more.   I like the 
> consanguineums a lot, esp. the "Silver Centers" that Ellen Hornig is produ=cing.   
>  I am originally a WE Pennsy native also, born in Phila, grew up most of m=y 
> life in Bucks County, where my parents still live, but now I am living in =New 
> Jersey on a relatively small lot in a nice town.  
>  Do you have Guy Gusman's book yet?  -Chris

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