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Welcome!!   This list needs some fresh discussions...I am as guilty as =the rest.  Neat group of plants, I have some doing well, lost a few too. =With time, I am getting them sited better and learning more.   I like =the consanguineums a lot, esp. the "Silver Centers" that Ellen Hornig is =producing.    
I am originally a WE Pennsy native also, born in Phila, grew up most of =my life in Bucks County, where my parents still live, but now I am =living in New Jersey on a relatively small lot in a nice town.   

Do you have Guy Gusman's book yet?  -Chris
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Trying to figure this out, I've never used a listserver system =before!!  Hope it works this time.

Hello all,


Ray=E2=80=99s note of welcome asked for a brief introduction, so here =it is; hope it=E2=80=99s not too verbose.


I=E2=80=99m 63 years old, married for 42 years, have one grown son.  =Although a PhD organic chemist, I have worked for many years in machine =design and ceramic armor development.  I=E2=80=99ve been an avid, though =informal, gardener for my entire life.  My wife and I live on 6+ wooded =hillside acres in SE Pennsylvania and garden (more or less, mostly less) =on about 2 acres of it


I began hunting for deer resistant plants after their depredations =destroyed most of my hemerocallis, hosta, and lilium and many of my =other plantings.  In addition to a fair collection of epimediums, I have =begun growing hellebores and other species which are hopefully less =tasty to them.   A. triphyllum is native here and I have thousands  in =all sizes and colors growing in my woods and gardens, but I did not =become greatly interested in aroids until I encountered Arum Italicum =growing in a winter garden and my wife loved it.  I planted it =everywhere, and added more arums as I found them with a couple of =pinellia thrown in also.  Further research turned up the potential of =the marvelous foliage of the hardy Amorphophallus and Dracunculus, so I =have added them to my garden last year.   This led to the Arisaemas.


I am particularly fascinated with the sinarisaema group plants because =of their foliage.  I purchased some consanguineum tubers last summer, =planted them, and started looking for more kinds, apparently I=E2=80=99m =now addicted.  While purchasing arisaema seeds and tubers on eBay, I =began correspondence with Giorgio Pozzi, a member here, and I would like =to particularly thank him for his assistance, generosity, and =encouragement.  

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