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Fri Jun 8 19:34:04 CEST 2007

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From: Mary Lamb <marylamb at MSN.COM>
Subject: difficulty in reading posts

Dear Fellow Arisaema Enthusiasts,

Somebody said that only a few people on the list had trouble with
non-plain-text messages. There may be more than you think. I'm not gettin=g
the annoying blue background, but I am getting a whole bunch of junk --
formatting directions ("padding left", "padding right", etc.) Sometimes
approximately 75 per cent of the digest consists of this kind of thing, a=nd
most of the rest of it consists of repetitions of the same message and it=s
formatting codes. It is a nuisance to have to look through the digest for
the few nuggets of important material.

For lists of this type, it is thoughtful to send your message in plain te=xt,
and not to quote the entire message to which you are replying.

My A. sikokianum sent up a leaf but did not produce a jack this year. Sam=e
with A. taiwanense. I am hoping for better results next year.

Mary Lamb
Seattle WA

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