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"when they burn out" isn't really the best answer. The light output
level of fluorescent tubes drops with age. If you're running them 12
hrs/day and you want to maintain decent light levels then you should
probably replace them after about 6-8 months (for standard household
tubes). Fluorescent "grow lights" are supposed to last longer but cost
more. At some level of usage the more expensive lights are more cost
effective but I've never tried to determine where the lines cross.

At the very least they should be replaced when you notice (more)
flickering and one or both ends begin to darken.

-Ken Mosher

Al Wootten wrote:
> Roslyn Duffus writes:
>  > My set up consists of a few shelves with 2, 4 foot fluorescent light
>  > fixtures each with one warm light and one cool light tube.
> Roslyn (or others),
> How often should one replace the fluorescent light bulbs?
> Clear skies,
> Al

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