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Hello Adam,
There is an old saying about whatever you want you should first give
away...... As you mentioned, your comments did stir up participation. So,
look forward to seeing your name more often on the List.
I am of the opinion that failure with A. galeatum and utile is due to
the source. The tubers from India have not done well for me after two tri=es.
Three each both times. They come up, bloom and then rot. Never make it ou=t
of the greenhouse to the garden. If I try these two again it will be from
seed or tubers from someone's garden that has actually been successful in
getting them to make the transition.
Gene E. Bush
Munchkin Nursery & Gardens, llc
genebush at
Zone 6/5  Southern Indiana

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From: "Adam Fikso" <irisman at AMERITECH.NET>
> Personally, despite my complaints, I've come to depend on this site for
> some good information which comes my way from time to time. I'd like to
> see it improve--by increasing its scope? maybe not.  Greater
> participation? Question and Answer sessions?  Guaranteed answers of som=e
> sort -- including "I don't know" from those who've been there and "done
> that" ?  Comments, anybody?
> In any case: Best wishes for a better year to all than we had in 2005.
> May all your tubers thrive!  Hoping to grow A. griffithii v. pradhan th=is
> year, with galeatum and utile.        Cordially, Adam Fikso in Glenview=,
> IL.

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