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Subject: Re: Arisaema in the cold soil vs the warm soil
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At 17:05 2006-01-10 -0500, you wrote:
>>#2: Some Arisaema are VERY late to emerge. Candidissimum to mention one.
>>Why? Do they need higher soil temperatures?
>>Do they need longer period of reasonable soil temperature?
>>Could I start them early by laying down soil warming cable?
>>Would they survive better if started earlier?
>They emerge much later here too. Our soil temperatures are quite warm  e=ven
>in early spring, yet candidissimum arises no earlier than July.
>A. tortuosum also arises later here with one particular plant emerging i=n
>I rather doubt that soil warming will hasten them.

OK but what keeps them dormant? They cannot have jet lag forever. Somethi=ng
makes them start growing. It cannot be moisture and it cannot be "dead
reckoning". What could be the advantage of starting late in the natural

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