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Subject: global warmking issue.
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I think that I owe the group an apology for over-reacting to a comment or
two by George, and by extending the discussion about arisaema culture wit=h
climatically relevant concerns to associated political matters only
indirectly related to growing arisaemas.

For my part in provoking  hard feelings and any misunderstandings via the
intensity of my response, I  apologize.

I also note that it did enliven discussion beyond our usual levels,
that knowledgeable growers whom we rarely hear from,  participated, and
recent  scientific references about global warming and its effects on the
biota were brought into the discussion.

The group's dullness about which I complained back some months ago, all
went away, briefly, which leads me to the question:  Has there ever been =an
open discussion about what members of this group want to see, read,
discuss-- when they go to this website that George manages?  or do they
leave it all up to George?  I sure don't know what George really wants,
either.  (I haven't asked him.)

There's a lot of work involved in what he does to maintain the site, the
archives, his knowledge base about aroids in general, and relevant obscur=e
botanical literature he has cited.  (South African references I'm thinkin=g

I find myself wondering if just the "computer-geek" choice of words
involved in designating site  as a "list"  i.e., ARISAEMA-L somehow tilts
expectations  away from  the idea of discussion? Lists are not intrinsica=lly
appealing to most people.

Personally, despite my complaints, I've come to depend on this site for s=ome
good information which comes my way from time to time. I'd like to see it
improve--by increasing its scope? maybe not.  Greater participation?
Question and Answer sessions?  Guaranteed answers of some sort -- includi=ng
"I don't know" from those who've been there and "done that" ?  Comments,

In any case: Best wishes for a better year to all than we had in 2005.  M=ay
all your tubers thrive!  Hoping to grow A. griffithii v. pradhan this yea=r,
with galeatum and utile.        Cordially, Adam Fikso in Glenview, IL.

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