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At 14:43 2006-01-09 -0500, you wrote:

>So, how come my exotic Arisaema are growing so slowly?

Fortunately the warming is not that far advanced yet. If it were the sea
levels would have increased significantly.

>>levels of CO2 in the atmosphere have NEVER been as high as they are=2=0
>>today--and all thanks to modern man.
>How can you prove that assertion. Could it be that we can measure better= 
>now than during the industrial revolution or the time when Dinosaurs wen=t=
>I find "and all thanks to modern man" quite a stretch.

CO2 seems to have been higher in the Carbon era simply because the carbon
must have come from somewhere.

You are quite right that it is easier to measure now than when the dinosa=urs
went extinct. Very few could perform reliable measurements in those days.= 

She probably means during the time that has been available to study. That=is
quite a long time even if it is not 50 million years.

Man has been burning significant parts of the fossil resources. Sufficien=t
to make dent in the coal and to take a part of the oil. This conicides wi=th
the increasing levels of CO2 in the air.

NEVER and "all thanks to modern man" are both unfortunate exaggerations j=ust
as the measurement techniques available to dying dinosaurs are. It would =be
well if we tried to keep our heads cool when we discuss subjects of great
importance and with a high level of personal involvment.


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