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Try planting A. candidissimum close to a foundation (within 10 ft.) on a =south face. I am growing mine in well drained soil all over the place, he=re in Maritime Canada, and they seem to tolerate a wide range of conditio=ns, including full sun. We do get *cold* here BTW.

Rand In The Great White North.

>A. candidissimum has not survived here beyond one or two winters when pl=anted at the edge of my little patch of woods.  A. consanguineum is survi=ving around the edges of this woods.  A. serratum survived two winters in=the woods, then disappeared.
>I'm afraid my climate here is neither mild enough nor dry enough for som=e of these borderline hardy Arisaema species.
>Jim Shields
>in central Indiana (USA)

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