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Hi, Jim  -I wouldn't consider either of these remotely hardy in your neck
of the woods, but both make easy pot subjects in a bright greenhouse that
stays above freezing.  I had both for years, until I decided to stick wit=h
hardier species.

Anyhow - just plant them now, water well but avoid waterlogging, and hope
they start into growth soon (had they not been dried out, they would
already be rooted out in pots or the ground).  Once in growth, feed them
well - arums respond well to fertilizer.  When they start going dormant,
let them; and if you're growing them in pots, let them dry out completely
and stay that way until average temperatures start to fall (late
summer-early autumn).  The easiest way to kill them is to keep them wet
when they're hot and dormant.  I don't think I ever killed one by drying
it out - particularly those two species, which are very well-adapted to
fierce heat and dryness.

I can give more details on request, if you need them - but I doubt you do=!

Best wishes,

Ellen Hornig
Seneca Hill Perennials
Oswego NY USA
USDA zone 5

On Tue, 13 Sep 2005, J.E. Shields wrote:

> Hi all,
> I suppose Arum is a little off topic for this list, but I just received
> tubers of Arum cyrenaicum and of Arum purpureospathum.
> Now I wonder how best to grow these two species.  Under glass in contai=ne=
> or outdoors in the ground?  Soil? Watering?  To date I have not had suc=ce=
> with growing 'hardy" Arum outdoors in my woodland garden.
> Thanks,
> Jim Shields
> in central Indiana (USA)
> USDA cold zone 5
> Annual precipitation 36-40 inches (ca. 100 cm).
> Usual winter lowest temperatures -10 to -20=B0F (ca. -23 to -29=B0C=)
> Usual summer highest temperatures ca. 95=B0F (ca. 35=B0C)
> *************************************************
> Jim Shields             USDA Zone 5             Shields Gardens, Ltd.
> P.O. Box 92              WWW:
> Westfield, Indiana 46074, USA
> Tel. ++1-317-867-3344     or      toll-free 1-866-449-3344 in USA

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