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Hi all,

I suppose Arum is a little off topic for this list, but I just received
tubers of Arum cyrenaicum and of Arum purpureospathum.

Now I wonder how best to grow these two species.  Under glass in containe=rs
or outdoors in the ground?  Soil? Watering?  To date I have not had succe=ss
with growing 'hardy" Arum outdoors in my woodland garden.

Jim Shields
in central Indiana (USA)
USDA cold zone 5
Annual precipitation 36-40 inches (ca. 100 cm).
Usual winter lowest temperatures -10 to -20=B0F (ca. -23 to -29=B0C)
Usual summer highest temperatures ca. 95=B0F (ca. 35=B0C)

Jim Shields             USDA Zone 5             Shields Gardens, Ltd.
P.O. Box 92              WWW:
Westfield, Indiana 46074, USA
Tel. ++1-317-867-3344     or      toll-free 1-866-449-3344 in USA

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