unknown Aroid disease

Barry Yinger asiatica at NNI.COM
Tue Nov 1 17:59:41 CET 2005

Probably a bacterial disease, these can be fast-spreading and hard to 
control with chemicals. Cultural practices encourage these diseases. 
Affected plants should be unpotted, washed free or soil and disinfected =
with a ten percent bleach solution or a commercial product such as 
Greenshield or Zerotol. The growing area and all pots and tools should =
be disinfected too. Report in new well-drained mix and if possible move =
plants to a new growing area. Watch watering and allow plants to dry 
some between watering.

On Nov 1, 2005, at 11:18 AM, Adam Fikso wrote:

> Gerfried. This is my opinion, because I am by no means an expert in 
> this area, nor did you provide enough information to be able to more =
> than=A0risk a guess. When did this occur?=A0 What are your growing 
> conditions? soil?=A0drainage? exposure to direct sun? climatic 
> conditions just before you noticed the problem?=A0 what month?
> =A0
> My guess is this: You are growing them in too rich a mix (too much 
> fertilizer), drainage is not quite sufficient. The wilt began 
> occurring after a wet, cold,cloudy period and was then=A0followed by a =
> dry period.=A0 Best guess, the plants don't get enough direct light =and 
> they're too wet, and what you have there is a surface infection 
> (wind-blown) brought on by poor growing conditions and insufficient 
> air circulation.

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