unknown Aroid disease

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Gerfried. This is my opinion, because I am by no means an expert in this =area, nor did you provide enough information to be able to more than =risk a guess. When did this occur?  What are your growing conditions? =soil? drainage? exposure to direct sun? climatic conditions just before =you noticed the problem?  what month?

My guess is this: You are growing them in too rich a mix (too much =fertilizer), drainage is not quite sufficient. The wilt began occurring =after a wet, cold,cloudy period and was then followed by a dry period.  =Best guess, the plants don't get enough direct light and they're too =wet, and what you have there is a surface infection (wind-blown) brought =on by poor growing conditions and insufficient air circulation.

Just my guess, but it looks like infections one can see on any-tissued =plant.   I'd like to see others write something on this.  Adam Fikso in =Glenview, IL USDA Zone 5a 
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Some of my plants showed this year an for me unknown wilt -disease. =Leaves are wilting from the leaf apex and wilted leafs are becoming dry =very soon.
This disease arised first this year by plants bought from an well =known nursery in Britain - now it is also spreading to some of my =Amorphophallus too.....
I tried to use a systemic fungicide (Previcur) but it brought no real =success!
Can anybody help??
See below some typical aspects .......
thank you for your help,

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