A.quinatum, stewardsonii

aaron floden aaron_floden at YAHOO.COM
Sat May 21 15:45:07 CEST 2005


How many of us grow or have seen the true quinatum?
Besides it's obvious foliar differences it has a
curved spadix difference in spathe shape and it comes
up when most of the triphyllum have begun to fade.

For those that have not seen it and want to I can
email picture privately. I can also send along photos
of selected triphyllums. A dark purple midrib one is

Why are ovale and amurense split due to one of them
having raised ridges on the spathe yet they are almost
identical, but triphyllum and stewardsonii are not
seperated for the same reason yet they are easliy told
apart by those that know them? I know that ovale and
amurense have some issues with the number of leaves at
maturity but I have forms of triphyllum that stay
uni-folaite even at maturity.

All the best,

Aaron Floden
Stilwell, KS

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