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Well, they've seemed to have slowed down and are still just poking up abo=ut an inch above the soil surface, but are getting fatter. Ringens is an =early bloomer (mid-April here) like most of the Pedatisecta, and fargesii=and candidissimum do not bloom until early July. I'm not sure of 2-3 mon=th pollen viability, even if stored dried in refridgeration. Plus I'd lik=e to make the reciprocal cross onto a female ringens also.

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From: Roslyn Duffus <av623 at CHEBUCTO.NS.CA>
Date: Monday, March 14, 2005 10:06 am
Subject: Re: Arisaema ringens

> Hi Group,
>   I was interested to read about the A. ringens in growth in the
> fridge.Mine are also in growth and were potted up a week ago but
> under lights. I
> would not be allowed to have that much fridge space. I have not
> been sure
> if this plant would be hardy for me in Nova Scotia, so have not
> trusted it
> to the outdoors yet. Now that I have many offsets ranging from
> 1/2" to the
> mother bulb over 3" in diameter, I will try some out next year.
>   If you cannot get these to slow their growth enough to have
> them in
> flower for cross pollination at the right time, would it be
> possible to
> collect pollen and hold it until the chosen plants are in peak
> condition?This process is pretty new to me.
>   Today we have a fresh snowfall and temperatures just below
> freezing.Roslyn Duffus
> Zone 5b
> On Thu, 10 Mar 2005, Bonaventure Magrys wrote:
> > Arisaema ringens offsets being stored in the refridgerator are
> starting to sprout. This is the nice variety with the black
> "skirt" that I originally got from Asiatica in 2000. Outdoor
> garden plantings are still dormant of course, 29F here by day,
> colder at night. The mother bulb has been dug up twice and
> replanted, eventually growing back to a clump of blooming stems.
> Last fall's tuber production included 2 huge tubers, replanted,
> and about 7 medium sized ones.
> >
> > Some were given away, but 4 kept in my kitchen refrigerator bare
> bulb, loosely wrapped in plastic, have grown a 1-2 inch shoot and
> have sprouted many roots of that length. I've potted 3  and
> wrapped the pots in  plastic bags. The shoots broke the surface
> and have extended another inch. The remaining bare bulb has not
> progressed, and now the potted ones seem to have paused growth.
> >
> > My question is, will they remain in "stasis" well after outdoor
> ones have sprouted and bloomed (mid-April)? I am trying to delay
> their blooming so that they may bloom concurrently with some of my
> later blooming Arisaemas (fargesii, galateum, griffithii, and
> possibly candidissimum) so that I may cross-pollinate them.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Bonaventure Magrys
> > Cliffwood Beach, NJ
> > USA zone 7
> >

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