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Hi Group,

I was interested to read about the A. ringens in growth in the fridge.
Mine are also in growth and were potted up a week ago but under lights. I
would not be allowed to have that much fridge space. I have not been sure
if this plant would be hardy for me in Nova Scotia, so have not trusted i=t
to the outdoors yet. Now that I have many offsets ranging from 1/2" to th=e
mother bulb over 3" in diameter, I will try some out next year.

If you cannot get these to slow their growth enough to have them in
flower for cross pollination at the right time, would it be possible to
collect pollen and hold it until the chosen plants are in peak condition?
This process is pretty new to me.
Today we have a fresh snowfall and temperatures just below freezing.
Roslyn Duffus
Zone 5b

On Thu, 10 Mar 2005, Bonaventure Magrys wrote:

> Arisaema ringens offsets being stored in the refridgerator are starting=to sprout. This is the nice variety with the black "skirt" that I origin=ally got from Asiatica in 2000. Outdoor garden plantings are still dorman=t of course, 29F here by day, colder at night. The mother bulb has been d=ug up twice and replanted, eventually growing back to a clump of blooming=stems. Last fall's tuber production included 2 huge tubers, replanted, a=nd about 7 medium sized ones.
> Some were given away, but 4 kept in my kitchen refrigerator bare bulb, =loosely wrapped in plastic, have grown a 1-2 inch shoot and have sprouted=many roots of that length. I've potted 3  and wrapped the pots in  plast=ic bags. The shoots broke the surface and have extended another inch. The=remaining bare bulb has not progressed, and now the potted ones seem to =have paused growth.
> My question is, will they remain in "stasis" well after outdoor ones ha=ve sprouted and bloomed (mid-April)? I am trying to delay their blooming =so that they may bloom concurrently with some of my later blooming Arisae=mas (fargesii, galateum, griffithii, and possibly candidissimum) so that =I may cross-pollinate them.
> Thanks,
> Bonaventure Magrys
> Cliffwood Beach, NJ
> USA zone 7

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