A. tortuosum self-fertilizing (?)

Martin Ashworth martin at MASERVICES.FSNET.CO.UK
Fri Jul 29 18:48:10 CEST 2005

Hi all
To continue with the self fertile / hybrid issue. If my tortuosum has
produced viable seed and this appears next year with a trifoliate seed leaf,
will the seed be viable if stored (what is the best conditions) for Seedex
2007? It is a particularly nice specimen, snakeskin pattern cataphyll and
stem + plant is over one metre tall.
With the exception of 2 natural hybrids, the Book, triphyllum and
dracontium, tortuosum and consanguineum, all other natural hybrids mentioned
are Japanese and all from the same section, pedatisecta. Are plants from the
same section more likely to produce viable seed and plants, than possible
hybrids of plants from different sections?
I also have a costatum setting seed, obviously a female but male is ????.
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> >Jim McClements pointed out that A. tortuosum is either male or bisexual,
> >never just female (Gusman p. 391). Even so, it might be the case that the
> >male and female flowers mature at different times (Gusman p. 44) and
> >self-fertilization is unlikely. Can somebody on the list with experience
> >with A. tortuosum give me some idea of what to expect?
> >
> >(Of course, I'll try to harvest the seeds and see if they germinate.)
> >
> >Mary Lamb
> >
> >
> You're right, seeds produced by one plant only could well be sterile. Keep
AEG posted and tell us if they germinate. But how to be sure that no cross
has been made between the bisexual tortuosum and another arisaema in the
> Guy

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