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Mon Dec 19 18:31:28 CET 2005

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Hi all
I posted a notice about seeds being sent to Eric which are labelled =erubescens and I believe to be a pale form of consanguineum.
In an old article by Roy Lancaster AROID050, thanks Ray, Roy states that ='consanguineum, included by Chinese authorities under erubescens' so in =1983 consanguineum was considered to be under erubescens. If this is =still the case and Chinese suppliers are selling consanguineum as =erubescens, this explains why my erubescens and others supplied as =erubescens look like consanguineum. Therefore I am more convinced that =the seeds I have sent to Eric as erubescens are a pale form of =consanguineum.
If anyone requests these seeds let me know what you think when they =flower in 3 or 4 years time.
Martin Ashworth
Northwest UK
Zone 7
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