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The two trials you refer to are reported in the archives as are the results
of topping the plants by others.

We'll look forward to the results of your experiments and systematic note


At 01:00 PM 8/30/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello all, this is the kind of information that I had hoped would begin to
>show up if we didn't take the position that there was nothing to be done.
>Skepticism is still in orde, maybe even a simple scientific
>experiment.  Treat some (in equal numbers and conditions )by cutting the
>tops, others with a fungicide other than Benlate, others with an aspirin
>drench,, etc.  Failing that capability and I don't know how many A.
>triphyllums there are in anybody's collection (But I recall somebody
>saying he had hundreds).  If just a few of us undertook just one
>treatment, (and this seems to have been done by Marge Talt and Mike Slater
>in two different states )maybe some  answers can be found within this
>group.  All it takes-- is doing it, systematic note-taking and reporting
>back for  answer to come forth.  If the results are entiirely negative (as
>current opinion among experts seems to indicate) we haven't lost anything,
>and a resistant clone might also show up..
>In any case, I personally would  like to see a bit more discussion and
>speculation with a freer exchange of ideas.      Adam Fikso in Glenview,
>IL Z 5a
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