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Hello all, this is the kind of information that I had hoped would begin =to show up if we didn't take the position that there was nothing to be =done. Skepticism is still in orde, maybe even a simple scientific =experiment.  Treat some (in equal numbers and conditions )by cutting the =tops, others with a fungicide other than Benlate, others with an aspirin =drench,, etc.  Failing that capability and I don't know how many A. =triphyllums there are in anybody's collection (But I recall somebody =saying he had hundreds).  If just a few of us undertook just one =treatment, (and this seems to have been done by Marge Talt and Mike =Slater in two different states )maybe some  answers can be found within =this group.  All it takes-- is doing it, systematic note-taking and =reporting back for  answer to come forth.  If the results are entiirely =negative (as current opinion among experts seems to indicate) we haven't =lost anything, and a resistant clone might also show up..  

In any case, I personally would  like to see a bit more discussion and =speculation with a freer exchange of ideas.      Adam Fikso in Glenview, =IL Z 5a

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