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Hello Henry. Yes, I've noticed the same thing--wetter and fertilizer make a
difference in the size of triphyllum.  But, I wanted to know about the first
year seedling size because, otherwise, it's a totally different "ball of
wax' we're discussing. I want to confirm that there isn't a geophyll the
first year.

However, how big do your triphyllums  get?  Dark or light spathes?  Do the
spathes angle down sharply at the top or do they curve gently in an arc down
towards the tip.  I hae some tht are angled and I don't like them and may
rip them out.  One  plant  set seed when only 5" high. I have others that
went to about 20 inches and set no seed.  It's not just the size and health
of the plant as indicated in the literature, but something else, and I'd
like to know what. (!)     Regards, Adam

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