Diploid Arisaema triphyllum

J.E. Shields jshields104 at INSIGHTBB.COM
Wed Sep 3 20:34:56 CEST 2003

Hi Adam,

I think the Gusman & Gusman book lists the chromosome counts for most of
the species in a table.  A. triphyllum triphyllum is tetraploid, while A.
triphyllum stewardsonii is diploid.  As I recall, A. amurense is also
tet.  I've ordered a few stewardsonii from Don Hackenberry.

I suppose I ought to plant the Calla palustris in a tub of some kind.  I
have a lightly shaded wet bed that is irrigated every other day in summer,
where I want to plant the A. stewardsonii.  I could bury a plastic tub in
the same area.  What does everyone think about growing Calla palustris
here?  this is probably a bit south of its natural range.

The giant triphyllum did not set seed this year.  I got mine from Gene
Bush, but I don't know where Gene got his.  They also don't seem to have
made any pups yet, but I'll keep watching.  I might have to dig one up and
wound the tuber/rhizome to get a pup.  They are just now starting to go
dormant.  My local native triphyllum triphyllum went dormant weeks ago.


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> > Dear Jim: can you spare a tuber or seed from the giant triphyllum:  Also,
> > there seems to be some assumption that the ordinary triphyllum is
> > tetraploid?  Is this based on a piece of literature somewhere.?      Do I
> > need to check the IUCN for this?
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