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Thu Nov 6 12:00:19 CET 2003

>From: Eric Gouda <E.J.Gouda at BIO.UU.NL>
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>Subject: SeedEx 2004 was  A. consanguineum seeds
>Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2003 12:58:39 +0100

>All members are invited to send seeds for the seedex 2004 to:
>Please clean the seeds properly because members in Australia and New
>Zealand will have problems with receiving them otherwise.

On behalf of all the Aussie and Kiwi arisaema enthusiasts I would just like
to say it makes it so much easier when seed is well cleaned and labelled.
Our Quarantine rules are so strict it's scary !

So a big THANK YOU in advance to those diligant seed cleaning folk out there
(and to you Eric of course).

I must admit I groan when I see the bags of seed that I need to clean to
send off to the exchange but it is the least I can do to repay
everyones efforts.
I've got a few interesting Arums some Biarums and good old Helicodiceros to
send. Hope that tempts some of you because the only arisaema seed I have is
flavum (ho-hum).

Arisaemas are shooting up on dahaiense('giganteum' from
Ruckerts China trip) sikokianum, taiwanense and kiushianum.
Our cooler than usual spring weather is suiting them I'm sure. If we get
another scorching, dry summer like we have had for the past 5 years I am
going to trade my arisaemas for geraniums !!



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