Spathantheum intermedium

Wilbert Hetterscheid (prive) hetter at WORLDONLINE.NL
Tue Nov 4 07:06:33 CET 2003


Spathantheum intermedium won't be in its genus for too long because it will
be transferred to Gorgonidium by Eduardo Goncalves. If you look at the pix
of Gorgonidium species, that won't surprise you either. The similarity of
intermedium to that is way bigger than to the other two Spathantheum

Since all the genera now mentioned (Synandrospadix, Gorgonidium and
Spathantheum) are in Spathicarpeae, they are bound to be closely related, so
you are right there. Other genera like Spathicarpa and Mangonia also belong


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> Verzonden: dinsdag 4 november 2003 0:33
> Onderwerp: Re: Spathantheum intermedium
> Hi Arno, Wilbert, and all,
> Nice images on the gallery of this flower. Kinda reminds me of my
> Synandrospadix vermitoxus. How closely related?
> My S.v. grows in a pot here outdoors zone 7 for the summer.
> We just had the
> lightest of a touch of frost. Burned a few leaf edges and
> left the leaves a
> bit limp. Same on my outdoors in-ground Amorphs. So I'll do
> what I did last
> winter, toss the pot and all in the basement with no water
> and when the
> leaves dry down, yank them out. I checked the tuber, nice and
> large, almost
> grapefruit sized. It'll tell me when its ready to regrow in the
> spring/early summer and when it does I'll bring it back out,
> give it some
> fresh compost, and enjow the leaves and blossoms as they shoot out.
> BTW I only dig out my large grapefruit to cantalope sized
> Amorph. konjac,
> yunnanense, bulbifer, and dunnii tubers so they don't rot.
> But I'd think
> they'd survive a foot underground with mulch on top anyways. I know
> numerous offsets have and have formed thickets in the original spots.
> Now if I could get those damn Kaichen high altitude Ariseama
> wilsonii/elephas/dilitatum who-knows-whats-they-are not to rot!....
> Bonaventure Magrys
> New Jersey USA
> getting ready for possible -10F nights again!

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