Spathantheum intermedium

Wilbert Hetterscheid (prive) hetter at WORLDONLINE.NL
Sun Nov 2 15:24:29 CET 2003

To explain a bit why Spathantheum and most of its nearest allies do well in
Holland: they are high-altitude andean plants, often ranging from 1500 to
2000+ meter alt. No wonder they do well here.......... On that note: a tuber
of 1 kg IS BIG!!!!!!!


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> Verzonden: zondag 2 november 2003 15:07
> Onderwerp: Spathantheum intermedium
> Dear all
> My Spathantheum intermedium did grow very well in my garden
> (zone 8) this
> summer and the tuber has increased in size from 0,5 kg to 1
> kg and a few
> spare tubers. This species that originate from subtropical
> Latin America did
> grow surprisingly good in my not so tropical back garden. He
> started to grow
> in March and I planted the tuber in a 10 litre plastic pot,
> and I placed the
> pot in my just frost fry greenhouse with my Arum's, Arisaema's  and
> Biarum's. The plant
> flowered in April and I placed it outside in the garden in
> May when there is
> no change of nigh frost any more. It produced a very large
> leaf the petiole
> was about 1 meter high and the leaf blade was about 80 cm
> long and hanging
> down words. And the leaf has just died down last week after
> some nightly
> frost, we have had a very cold October this year it was
> almost a record.
> I like this Aroid very much it is one of only a few tropical
> Aroid that I
> can grow, I have also Gorgonidium and this one also grow
> remarkable well in
> my garden. I have tried some other tropical before like certain
> Amorphophallus species but the problem with them is they
> start to grow very
> late in the season usually around June and sometimes they
> will not start to
> grow until November and then I have to keep them inside the
> house, but I
> don't have a lot of space in my house. I can grow A. konjac, album,
> kiusianum, odoratum and yunnanensis but the tubers will never
> gat big enough
> to flower.
> I have some spare tubers to sell, give or trade away please contact me
> privately when you are interested in this wonderful Aroid species.
> I am especially looking for Arisaema ovale, A. echinatum and
> A. limbatum but
> other Arisaema species are also welcom.
> With best Wishes,
> Arno Clement

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