Spathantheum intermedium

A. L. Clement al.clement at PLANET.NL
Sun Nov 2 15:06:50 CET 2003

Dear all

My Spathantheum intermedium did grow very well in my garden (zone 8) this
summer and the tuber has increased in size from 0,5 kg to 1 kg and a few
spare tubers. This species that originate from subtropical Latin America did
grow surprisingly good in my not so tropical back garden. He started to grow
in March and I planted the tuber in a 10 litre plastic pot, and I placed the
pot in my just frost fry greenhouse with my Arum's, Arisaema's  and
Biarum's. The plant
flowered in April and I placed it outside in the garden in May when there is
no change of nigh frost any more. It produced a very large leaf the petiole
was about 1 meter high and the leaf blade was about 80 cm long and hanging
down words. And the leaf has just died down last week after some nightly
frost, we have had a very cold October this year it was almost a record.
I like this Aroid very much it is one of only a few tropical Aroid that I
can grow, I have also Gorgonidium and this one also grow remarkable well in
my garden. I have tried some other tropical before like certain
Amorphophallus species but the problem with them is they start to grow very
late in the season usually around June and sometimes they will not start to
grow until November and then I have to keep them inside the house, but I
don't have a lot of space in my house. I can grow A. konjac, album,
kiusianum, odoratum and yunnanensis but the tubers will never gat big enough
to flower.

I have some spare tubers to sell, give or trade away please contact me
privately when you are interested in this wonderful Aroid species.
I am especially looking for Arisaema ovale, A. echinatum and A. limbatum but
other Arisaema species are also welcom.

With best Wishes,
Arno Clement

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