climate and growing arisaemas

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Thu Jun 19 00:22:44 CEST 2003

This climate factor is relevant to many bulbous species - if not all!. Here
on the east coast of New Zealand, we too, have had a very dry spring and
summer with decent rain only in the last few weeks (late autumn). All my
galanthus are late, even the autumn blooming species just coming through now
as are many autumn flowering crocus species, cyclamen etc, etc. I don't
water the garden because where I live we are entirely reliant on rain water.
No rain - NO WATER SUPPLY! (We can buy it of course: water costs nothing,
cartage through the sky!). But with the prolonged summer drought, the north
African Narcissus species are thicker with buds  than I've ever seen,
especially the names clones of N. romieuxii from Archibald collections.
Julia Jane, Trebal Chance and Atlas Gold are specially good, the first
flowers open this week. (All winter blooming here.)

Arisaema candidissimum while it bloomed well right through (summer)
Christmas, nade only small flowers, a third their usual size. I put this
down to dryness. Mine has never made seed. Ciliatum and consanguineum were
smaller too while a couple didn't flower at all.

Lesley (near) Dunedin, NZ. zone 9 (maybe!)

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>My experience, for what it's worth - this spring has been the driest
>ever experienced in the west of Scotland and I was in despair over some
>of the later flowering species. Candidissimum and echinatum usually
>appear end of May or first few days of June - they have just started to
>emerge, nerve-racking!
>Anne Chambers

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