They're coming up

Adam Fikso irisman at AMERITECH.NET
Mon Jun 16 01:13:03 CEST 2003

Hurrah! here too.
An A-55 indicated as  flavum var. turned up this morning, having grown
approximately 5-6 inches overnight.    Too small to bloom--but...  Altog
ether very puzzling
I haver been thinking about arisaemas apparing in the wwods where they've
nlot been before, and in our gardens.  One p;ossibkility is that, for
trhiphyllum, the first germianation is not necessarily an eophyll, but under
some con ditions, a protocorm, (and thereby not seen or noticed) so that it
emerges the next year and grows to one foot, blooming and sort of mature,
which (with my limited experience) hasn't been seen to happen from seed,
except perhaps in these odd instances.  I'm going to check another old
reference I remember from about 60 years ago re appearance of forest plants
(orchids)  when there has been a clearing or a burn, or tracks made by a
wheeled vehicle.   Somebody nag me if I don't post it (if you're
interested).  Adam in Glenview, IL.

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Subject: They're coming up

> Glorioski, Zero!  (as "Little Orphan Annie"  or someone was wont to
> A couple of Arisaema consanguineum are coming up, and one A.
> candidissimum!  Never say "die" as the saying goes.  Also have a fourth A.
> fargesii coming up -- making 4 out of 6 fargesii now in evidence.
> I suppose I'll get used to this sort of behavior in hardy Arisaema
> eventually.  Right now, it is still very new to me.
> Now what do I want to try next year -- A. heterophyllum?
> Jim Shields
> in central Indiana
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