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That is an especially odd story because it is the second time I have heard
such a tale! I can't remember who it was now, but at a North American Rock
Garden Society meeting someone told me a story about an arisaema that had
"disappeared" by their driveway and three years later someone ran off the
driveway over the area and, voila, up it came! Coincidence? So that is the
treatment for recalcitrant arisaemas--just drive over them?

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A month ago I had a backhoe in to dig out a bamboo grove. To give the
machine access, I dug out plants that were in the way, an easy job as I
had redone that bed last year, and put them in pots. Now a few plants that
were run over by the huge tracks have put up leaves, including an
arisaema.  This surprised me because I hadn't planted any arisaemas there.
I've been puzzling over this as the leaves get bigger day by day, and I've
pulled out my book of garden maps.Aha! That answered the question.  In
1986 I planted Arisaema jacquemontii, from seed I bought from one of Chris
Chadwell's collecting trips.  The plant grew for a few years and flowered
at least once, but I hadn't seen it in many years. I don't know whether it
was desperation at being run over, or the open sky above now that
overlying vegetation has been removed that has caused the re-emergence.

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