Leo Smit elsumpn at CHEBUCTO.NS.CA
Thu Jun 12 03:17:50 CEST 2003

>On the other hand, two plants that I bought from nurseries which had
>at least an inch or more  across, have thrown up tiny plants that are
>larger than what I am growing from this year's germination ,  i.e.,
about 2"
>tall.  I am very puzzled. Isn't the tuber  a clue to the size of the
>it will generate?   Did the tubers rot and regenerate into smaller
>and then grow in order to show up this month?    I would appreciate
>observations of others, in this matter.  Thanks, Adam Fkso,
>Zone 5a

Do the feeder roots of a tuberous plant necessarily die off each year
and regrow? If not, that may be part of the answer, especially if the
plant doesn't go completely dormant?


Leo Smit
Mt Uniacke, Nova Scotia, Canada
USDA Zone 5-ish, semi-maritime

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