ID question A. xanlancianense

Marge Talt mtalt at HORT.NET
Mon Feb 3 08:30:44 CET 2003

I received my copy of  "The Genus Arisaema", which can only be
described using the scientific term, WOW!

However, it leaves me with a question about seed from the 2002 AEG
exchange, which was labeled A. xanianscianensi.  I could not find
this species listed in the book; the closest seems to be A.
xanlanscianense, which appears could be a doubtful species as Gusman
says it was described from one female inflorescence only, the tuber
and foliage being unknown.  Wilbert Hetterscheid reiterates this on
the new Arisaema list on the IAS site.  I have had no luck with a web
search for either spelling of the name...

My question is what this might be if it is not A.
xanlanscianense...wonder if the donor might be reading and respond or
does anyone have a guess?  I have no clue how to treat these guys as
far as growing conditions, hardiness, etc.  Any assistance along
these lines will be much appreciated.


Marge Talt, zone 7 Maryland
mtalt at
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