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I'd appreciate getting the Zantedeschia
>bibliography (plain text or else MS Word 97 formats).
Can't do either, but I can send you either WordPerfect 6 or
Word 5 versions. WordPerfect will open nearly anything but I
cant be sure of the Micro$oft crap. It should open 5.0 but
Gates loves to force you to upgrade.

>According to John Bryan's new "Bulbs" valida is a subspecies of albomacu=lata.

Singh, van Wyk, & Baijnath make the case for it as a separate species as
against the prior view of it as a subspecies in their 1996 paper.

You can get the Letty paper from Bothalia, not Kirstenbosch.
But they will get you a back issue of Veld & Flora, June =9195 which
has the beautiful Singh paper. Try Alice Notten <notten at>.
She's been very helpful.

>Thanks for the offer, but I cannot open Lotus-123 R5W with any of the
>programs I have.

How about Excel 5.0? I can easily convert it using 1-2-3.

Sorry I don't have any of the newer Micro$oft stuff. I don't
need the suseptability to virus infection and they don't offer
anything that WordPerfect and 1-2-3 can't do better.
Fortunately I'm not forced to use the junk by an IS Department.


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