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I did send an e-mail to the Bot Soc of South Africa a long time ago,
inquiring about the Letty paper.  They never replied.  I'm not familiar
with the paper by Singh.  I'd appreciate getting the Zantedeschia
bibliography (plain text or else MS Word 97 formats).

According to John Bryan's new "Bulbs" valida is a subspecies of albomacul=ata.

We talked about jucunda  here in Arisaema-L some months ago; it is only
found on one mountain, in the eastern Transvaal. That mountain is owned b=y
a tribal king, and it seems he does not let anyone take plant materials
from his mountain.

Thanks for the offer, but I cannot open Lotus-123 R5W with any of the
programs I have.  Maybe someday I'll spend the $$$ for a current version =of


At 06:33 PM 9/15/02 +0200, you wrote:
>I'm growing Z. pentlandii seedlings (seed should be available from
>Silverhill Seeds), but have not been able to locate
>Z.  jucunda, odorata, or valida plants or seeds anywhere including Afric=a.
>I notice you omitted Z. valida from your list.
>I can send you a brief bibliography on Z. The letty paper is the most
>comprehensive with maps of growing areas.
>The Singh papers are great with a color key to the species.
>If you have other references, please send them so I can update the bib.
>I also have a spread sheet with most of the hybrid names and sources.
>I have some of them, but find the species more interesting if not more
>spectacular. If you can open a 1-2-3R5W file in either 1-2-3 or Excel,
>I can send it to you.

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