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Keith La Rocque channa21 at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon May 20 01:15:34 CEST 2002

Hello Everyone,
I should-Finally-take this time to introduce myself. My name is Keith &
I Have A Problem!! I am 34(going on 4)and am fairly new to the hobby(bout 4
years). I am the one who was helping with the seedex--sorry bout that!(you
to Jim)

Now, Ray, you have been nothing but sincere and civil to me--thank you! You
are a true friend! Get well soon, buddy!!!!!
Thank you to everyone for the coments and suggestions. You are all good
people....... I am honoured to be a part of this group.

Now... a question. I have the green-leafed variety of Pinellia cordata, from
Chen Yi(A-99). I have noted with this one that they develop bulbils on the
stems, is this a norm for this sp?
Keith LaRocque

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