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Ray Maynard Plantnut3 at CS.COM
Sun May 19 19:53:38 CEST 2002

Hi Ray  I am thankful for you being able to get help with surgery and I life
w.pain daily but unfortunately no surgeon will touch my back due to spurs the
length of spine and narrowing of all the L-1 thru S-1.  My prayers are with
Yes for the first time ever I got 9 packets of Arisaema seeds and will be
sending you a donation soon.
I  woke blind in the left eye had no warning signs for detached retina, had
left eye with partial detachment 10 years ago.  Repaired with laser but this
one required a length surgery.  At least some eye sight left in right eye.
Lucky to have an excellent Specialist w/in 14 miles of our home.  Ray Maynard

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