Arisaema giganteum...alive and well

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Wed May 15 18:05:39 CEST 2002

I'll make life a bit easier for you.........: there is also the name Ar.
dulongense, proposed by Li Heng for a plant AWFULLY similar to dahaiense
(the older name) but supposedly having pure male or bisexual spadices,
whereas dahaiense only has pure male or pure female spadices. Yeah,

Then there is the elusive Ar. lingyunense, proposed in the SAME paper as
dahaiense, but one step earlier in the paper. The description of lingyunense
is deceptively similar to that of dahaiense BUT she claims lingyunense has a
pure subglobose tuber (vs. dahaiense a short rhizome) and it ought to flower
BEFORE it leafes out. Frankly, I doubt that this is all o.k. as the
underground part of plants in this group COULD be mistaken for a tuber
(although you'd have to have an eye-impairment for that, or limitid vision
for another reason.........) but are in fact short creeping, thick rhizomes.
Compare Ar. galeatum, which is no doubt the sister species in this group.

O.k., confused now? So you now need a taxonomist to straighten this out,
right? Good........


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> Onderwerp: Re: Arisaema giganteum...alive and well
> >This name is not valid. Even Li Heng has discarded it in a
> paper on the
> >aroids of the Gaoliging Mountain Range. She explicitly
> states that the name
> >was erroneously mentioned in Ruckert's Areae Newsletter. The
> correct name
> >is
> >Arisaema dahaiense.
> >
> >Cheerio,
> >Wilbert
> Thanks Wilbert,
> I actually have this plant under a series of collection
> numbers from the
> expedition and 'giganteum' was a pet name given to it by
> Greg. I didn't
> think the name would stick so I am glad you have cleared it up.
> I get flowers every year now and it still amazes me.
> Long live A. dahaiense !
> cheers,
>        Rob.
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