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<< Your experience reminds me of my one and only order to Chen Yi. I
bought lots becasue the prices were so reasonable. Now there's absolutely
nothing to show for the effort or the money.


I have also managed to kill most of the arisaemas I bought from Chen Yi. Most
of the mortality occurred several years ago from planting in a raised bed
made with terrible sand (too fine and full of clay)  that I should have

I have had better luck tha past two years with better beds, but I also think
that a lot of her tubers arrive in borderline condition. They may not show
any overt signs of rot, but have been injured enough in the collection
process to rot very easily if conditions are less than perfect (or perhaps
even if they are!). I have heard from one of our more distinguished growers
that he soaks all of his in a fungicide before planting. He also grows them
in pots, not in a garden.

This year I have started most in pots, using a lot of perlite in the mix, and
so far I seem to be having better luck. However, whether this will translate
into long-term success in th garden remains to be seen.

Walking around the garden today and looking at a lot of beautiful,
spectacular  arisaemas I became aware of the fact that almost all were my own
babies, grown from seed! It's worth the effort, but even a few survivors from
Chen Yi add variety that otherwise would be missing.

I should add that other Chen Yi plants have been quite successful, especially
Paris, Podophyllums, Polygonatums and Epimediums. Now if I just knew what
they were!

Jim McClements

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