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Thu Mar 21 21:11:26 CET 2002

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Subject: Re: Schwartzwalder, Schwarzwalder, The BLack Forest and a stupid taxonomist
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Jaja, Schwarzwalder Torte ist gut, aber ich bin schon VIEL zu

Dicker Willie (now listen you Americans, that is GERMAN, so not XXX-rated=).

> -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
> Van: Arisaema Enthusiast Group (AEG) Discussion List (and other hardy
> Aroids) [mailto:ARISAEMA-L at NIC.SURFNET.NL]Namens J.E. Shields
> Verzonden: donderdag 21 maart 2002 20:09
> Onderwerp: Re: Schwartzwalder, Schwarzwalder, The BLack Forest and a
> stupid taxonomist
> Wilbert,
> I appreciate your authoritative "civil servant talk!"  Ich
> haette sehr gern
> ein Stueck Schwarzwaelder gerade jetzt.  I always think of a
> Schwarzwaelder
> Tort when I hear the word, "Schwarzwald".  The best I ever
> had was from an
> Austrian restaurant in Zurich; but unfortunately, it went off the menu
> there about 10 years ago.
> Until we get DNA tests to confirm or refute it, I suppose we
> should assume
> that the Zantedeschia 'Black Forest' is really Z.
> 'Schwarzwalder' with an
> Americanized name.  Actually, I favor the second hypothesis I
> proposed too,
> Ray, but "...innocent until proven guilty..." should probably
> be the rule.
> We could defer to that other "rule," to the effect that "a rose by any
> other name smells just as sweet" (more or less).
> Jim Shields
> in central Indiana
> At 07:45 PM 3/21/02 +0100, Wilbert wrote:
> >Guys,
> ><---snip--->
> >1) the translation is wrong indeed, as Schwarzwalder means
> "of the Black
> >Forest" as in inhabitants of that region (as in "Ich bin ein
> >Schwarzwalder" why did I think of THAT example........???)
> >
> >2) translations of cultivar epithets are not allowed by the
> Cultivated Plant
> >Nomenclature Code. They ought to remain as they were
> originally established.
> >Transliterations are allowed (rendering a word in another
> script) following
> >a set of standard transliteration tables as mentioned in the code.
> >Translations are considered trade designations and have no
> official status
> >and may not be presented as the correct cultivar epithet. SO
> THERE!!!!!!!!
> >
> >Well, that was enough civil-servant talk from me.
> >
> >Cheerio,
> >Wilbert
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