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Subject: Schwartzwalder, Schwarzwalder, The BLack Forest and a stupid taxonomist
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I see now that I have overlooked that I had misspelled the name of this
black Zantedeschia cultivar. Of course, the correct spelling is
'Schwarzwalder' as in correct German (no "t" in it!). I hadn't noticed my
mistake because I was focused at the translation issue of the name. O.k.
that's settled and I will flog myself tonight.........

The name Black Forest must be an attempt at a translation of the correct
cultivar epithet but:

1) the translation is wrong indeed, as Schwarzwalder means "of the Black
Forest" as in inhabitants of that region (as in "Ich bin ein
Schwarzwalder" why did I think of THAT example........???)

2) translations of cultivar epithets are not allowed by the Cultivated Pl=ant
Nomenclature Code. They ought to remain as they were originally establish=ed.
Transliterations are allowed (rendering a word in another script) followi=ng
a set of standard transliteration tables as mentioned in the code.
Translations are considered trade designations and have no official statu=s
and may not be presented as the correct cultivar epithet. SO THERE!!!!!!!=!

Well, that was enough civil-servant talk from me.


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