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Subject: Zantedeschia seed germination
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>How well do Zantedeschia seeds retain viability
Just fine up to at least a year at room temp.

>Do they germinate well when treated like Arisaema seeds?

> Do they require day/night temperature differences to germinate

I've germinated and grown Silverhill Seeds Z. pentlandii with 100%
germination using the Deno method. Likewise,  Z. elliottiana
from New Zealand, and lots of Z. albomaculata, Z aethiopica, and
Z. rehmanii from my own plants. The problem is not getting them to germin=ate,
rather what to do with all the seedlings. No wonder they're weeds in

>Does anyone know of possible sources for such stock?
Don't know.
All Z.s grow well in zone 7 even in our poor soil. Only Z. aethiopica
has a problem. It gets zapped every fall because it refused to go dormant
in our warm fall weather. In spite of this, there are 8 year old clumps.
growing here.

I haven't had significant seed set from the hybrids though.
The ones we got from Oregon Bulb Nurseries (through the efforts of
Jeanne Hanna) are spectacular. And Z. x 'Schwartzwalder' from the
Netherlands is something to behold, nearly completely dark purple-black.
There are two in bloom inside right now. They'll get planted out this spr=ing.


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