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Subject: Re: Zantedeschia seed
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> From: "J.E. Shields" <jshields104 at INSIGHTBB.COM>
> Date: 2002/03/20 Wed AM 01:44:15 GMT+12:00
> Subject: Zantedeschia seed
> Hi all,
> Jim.
I am moving arround the country .N.Z. a great deal at the moment ,but whe=n I get settled and reorganised i do have plenty of Zantedeschia seed ,In=haste .
> How well do Zantedeschia seeds retain viability on storage at room
> temperature?  In the fridge?
> Do they germinate well when treated like Arisaema seeds?  Do they requi=re
> day/night temperature differences to germinate, like seeds of many othe=r
> South African geophytes?
> I have inquiries out to South Africa for seeds of Zantedeschia aethiopi=ca
> from plants from colonies growing in colder parts of it natural
> range.  I've contacted Silverhill Seeds and The Croft Nursery.  No defi=nite
> responses have come back yet.    Does anyone know of possible sources f=or
> such stock?  I think Z. aethiopica should range into the mountains, but=I
> don't know how high up it grows.
> Archive Searching vs. Active Questioning
> In plant lists I've belonged to for a long time, I've seen that revisit=ing
> old questions often leads to new, different, and better information tha=n
> what is stored in the archives.  I would encourage new members to take
> advantage of the simplified web searching of Arisaema-L archives at
> but also don't be shy about asking questions in the list.  The only dum=b
> question is the un-asked question.
> Jim Shields
> in central Indiana
> *************************************************
> Jim Shields             USDA Zone 5             Shields Gardens, Ltd.
> P.O. Box 92              WWW:
> Westfield, Indiana 46074, USA                   Tel. +1-317-896-3925

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