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Hello all

An intro from a new member to this list:

I am Arnhild, and that is a female name in Norway. I live in beautiful
fjord called Hardanger fjord at the south west coast  .. about 60* latitu=de
north. Here I live and work and garden in a farm where fruit is main
production - yes you read correct - we have the most northern commercial
fruit growing area in the world I think.

You may have a look from my area here:

Climate is surprisingly mild to be this far north. Compared to USDA zone
system I live in an area with zones between 7 and 8 - than we are talking
about winters. Summers are shorter and more chilly than most of you have =I
suppose? More rain maybe?

This climate we can thank the Gulf stream for.
Climate western part of Europe:( my home is in the red part of Norway in
the map)

Regarding gardening I am new to Arisaema. The only thing I have are some
seeds and a hope of them soon germinating.  Even most of my gardening is
new of different reasons  .. for three years now I have been working on a
new garden area along a river, new parts each year. This is a good shade
garden - so far Hosta, Rhododendron and Lilium are the ones most planted
here. I do not want a mix of too many differnt kind of plants though.

Arisaema I discovered this winter .. and started to look for them. Could
not find them here .. then I heard they were not too difficult to raise
from seeds. The source for them I had to look for abroad: over in England=I
found Chiltern seeds - I bought them all that I could get! :)  Last
Wednesday I was sowing: Arisaema amurense, A. flavum, A. japonicum, A.
tortuosum and A. wallichianum  .. so .. now I am on my way I hope if I ha=ve
done the right things regarding sowing etc.

I have no books to read about this fascinating plant. So far I need to
learn it all from my own mistakes or success .. and by sharing with other
gardeners here in list.

Arnhild - Hardanger in Norway

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