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Hello Paige and others,  I contributed to an error, by  remembering the
name Shuangyushu and inferring that since both PO boxes were there  that =one
was the address of the other, without checking.  .  They are different.
Sorry !  They do not have the same post office box numbers , but, apparen=tly
live near near one another with Shuangyushu (suburb? )as the post office

Adam Fikso, Glenview, IL

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Subject: Chen Bing and Chen Yi

> I've had some questions offline about Chen Bing and Chen Yi,
> whether I'm sure they aren't related and
> whether I've ordered from them. I'll answer in public. 8-)
> I have met both women several times. By now we are friends. I
> have never imported plants from either one.
> They say they are not related and I believe them. Chen is a very
> common family name in China.
> Chen Bing is the daughter of a botanist, whom I have met. She is
> shy, warm, clever and serious-minded. She and her family live in
> her parents' apartment. When I last saw them they were still
> travelling by bus and taxi.
> Chen Yi is married to a botanist, whom I have also met, the
> author of most of the identifications so many internet plant
> lists spend time questioning.  She is the daughter of a
> politician-bureaucrat, whom I have not met.  She is outgoing,
> clever and swashbuckling. She is much better off than Chen Bing.
> She and her husband have a number of dwellings, a number of
> nurseries and plant-holding areas around the country. They have a
> car and a driver who has been with them for years.
> Q: Why does Chen Bing use the name Jenny Chen? A: This is not
> duplicity. Most Chinese people choose an "English" name when they
> learn English in school. Using an English name can be a symbol of
> colonial oppression, a modern status symbol, or, as in Chen
> Bing's case, a  gesture of courtesy, to make her foreign
> customers more comfortable.
> Q:  Why do Chen Yi and Chen Bing have the same post office and
> bank? A: I don't know anything about their banks, but there are
> only so many banks in China. As for the post office, Zhong
> Guan-cun in the Haidian district of Beijing is where many people
> of relative privilege live. The two women do not have the same
> address. They do not have the same telephone number.  (And no, I
> am not passing these out.)
> Q: Why are the plants they send packaged the same way? A: I
> haven't ever ordered from them, but Chinese methods of packing
> plants are a combination of tradition and regulation, which could
> make one parcel much like another.
> Paige Woodward
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