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Subject: Re: Collections file WHOHASIT.WK4 - and my own advice
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<FONT face="Default Sans Serif, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif=" si=
ze=2><div>Yep, often when I check a seedex acquisition 1st rest tuber=let =
coming out of refridgeration after 3-4 months, it has refused to sprout a=nd=
eventually goes soft. If kept too dry they wither. Except flavum, which =si=
ts many months at room temp, then sprouts. I used to keep a detailed writ=te=
n "log", but now my R.I.P. coffee can of plant labels is so full, I just =wr=
ite planting/dormancy dates on tags I still have or remain in the garden.=I=
go by whats written there and know what I have by going and checking aro=un=
d. I know what I'd like to replace - lichiangense for one, and have just =go=
tten mature urashimas, and would still like to get a griffithii.</div><DI=V>=
All Ari seed from now will get their 2nd season of growth initiated <EM>i=n =
situ, au naturel.</EM> </DIV><DIV>&nbsp;</DIV><DIV>No more tricky indoor =st=
arts, even if it means waiting extra months for spring to arrive.</DIV><D=IV=
>&nbsp;</DIV><DIV>Bonaventure Magrys</DIV><DIV>Cliffwood Beach, NJ</DIV><=/F=

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