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Tony has identified many of the most persistent arisaemas (I would add
robustum and consanguineum) and it raises a question in my mind about
what sort of hardiness we are discussing.  All the species listed by
Tony (and please Tony let's put to rest "taiwanensis"; it is taiwanense
regardless of what the Heronswood catalog says) have in common that they
tolerate imperfect drainage.  I think most arisaemas in the garden are
lost because of drainage issues, not cold-hardiness.  We have come to
the point where we plant arisaemas either in raised beds or on fairly
steep slopes in well-drained loam.  It makes a lot of difference in

We grow at least 40 kinds of arisaemas outdoors, and many of these have
been outdoors for years.

We think it is really almost all about drainage.

One other factor is the exposure to early spring warmth.  If the early
risers are sited to not get early spring sun, as on the north side of
evergreens or some barrier, they emerge later and escape frost.

Barry Yinger and Andy Wong
USDA Zone mid 6 Pennsylvania USA

Tony Avent wrote:
> Al:
>         There is no question that some Arisaema species are more robust=and longer
> lived than others. For us, A. saxitale, A. ringens, A. thunbergii, A.
> urashima, A. amurense, A. candidissimum, A. ciliatum, A. fargesii, A.
> franchetianum, A. heterophyllum, A. kiushianum, and A. taiwanensis have
> been the most vigorous and long lived.  I hope this helps.
> Tony Avent
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> Juniper Level Botanic Garden
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> Raleigh, NC  27603  USA
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> "I consider every plant hardy until I have killed it least
> three times" - Avent

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