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Subject: Re: any spontaneous hybridization?
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>I haven't got the second article by Murata on ehimense " Allozyme analys=is
>of the hybrid origin of Arisaema ehimense (Araceae)" so I don't know wha=t
>"evidence" Murata puts forward to support his theory but maybe Susanne
>Renner can comment on that article.

Here's the abstract of the above paper:

Maki M, Murata J. 2001. Allozyme analysis of the hybrid origin of Arisaem=a
ehimense (Araceae). HEREDITY 86(1): 87-93.

Abstract: Allozyme diversity was examined in the Japanese jack-in-the
pulpit species, Arisaema serratum and A. tosaense, and their putative
hybrid species, A. ehimense (all diploid). Arisaeme ehimense contains
mostly alleles found in one or both of the putative parent species but fe=w
unique alleles, partially supporting the hypothesis that A. ehimense is o=f
hybrid origin from the two species, although the possibility that A.
ehimense arose via divergent speciation cannot be excluded. Because only
limited information was gained from the survey of allozyme variation,
additional taxon-specific markers from A. serrarum and A. tosaense are
required to test rigorously the hybrid origin of A. ehimense. A phenogram
based on allele frequencies suggested that introgression occurs between A.
serratum and A. tosaense where these species are sympatric.


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