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From: Susanne Renner <Renner at UMSL.EDU>
Subject: Arisaema phylogeny
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>What do intentional hybrids of the two species look like, i.e. the reput=ed
>parents, serratum and tosaense? Do they look like typical A. ehimense? T=his
>would seem to be a case in which DNA analysis could solve the controvers=y
>very handily. Is that in the works so far as anyone knows?

Based on material from many Arisaema lovers, my lab is working on a
molecular phylogeny of Arisaema.
So far we have sequenced the following 68 species of Arisaema.  We would =be
extremely grateful for any additional species.

> Arisaema album
> Arisaema amurense
> Arisaema aridum
> Arisaema balansae
> Arisaema barbatum
> Arisaema candidissimum
> Arisaema cf. album
> Arisaema cf. putii
> Arisaema ciliatum
> Arisaema ciliatum var. liubaense
> Arisaema concinnum
> Arisaema consanguineum
> Arisaema costatum
> Arisaema dracontium
> Arisaema elephas
> Arisaema erubescens
> Arisaema exappendiculatum
> Arisaema fargesii
> Arisaema filiforme
> Arisaema flavum
> Arisaema formosanum
> Arisaema franchetianum
> Arisaema garrettii
> Arisaema hainanense
> Arisaema harmandii
> Arisaema heterophyllum
> Arisaema heterocephalum
> Arisaema jacquemontii
> Arisaema jinshajiangense
> Arisaema kerrii
> Arisaema kishidae
> Arisaema kiushianum
> Arisaema lobatum
> Arisaema macrospathum
> Arisaema murrayi
> Arisaema negishii
> Arisaema omkoiense
> Arisaema penicillatum
> Arisaema petelotii
> Arisaema polyphyllum
> Arisaema prazeri
> Arisaema rhizomatum
> Arisaema ringens
> Arisaema roxburghii
> Arisaema sazensoo
> Arisaema schimperianum
> Arisaema serratum
> Arisaema serratum
> Arisaema sikokianum
> Arisaema sikokianum
> Arisaema sp. nov. 1
> Arisaema sp. nov. 2
> Arisaema sp. nov. 3
> Arisaema sp. nov. 3
> Arisaema speciosum
> Arisaema speciosum var. ziroense
> Arisaema taiwanense
> Arisaema tortuosum
> Arisaema tosaense
> Arisaema triphyllum

Arisaema ternatipartitum, Donation from Barry Yinger and Andrew Wong at
Asiatica Nursery,
Lewisberry, PA.  Cultivated corm grown from wild seed collected near
Omogo, Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku, Japan.

> Arisaema umbrinum
> Arisaema undulatifolium
> Arisaema utile
> Arisaema wattii
> Arisaema wilsonii
> Arisaema wrayi
> Arisaema yunnanense
> Arisarum vulgare

Susanne Renner

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