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Subject: any spontaneous hybridization?
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The two North American species of Arisaema have been reported to
hybridizate naturally:

Sanders, L. L., and C. J. Burk. 1992. A naturally-occurring population of
putative Arisaema triphyllum subsp. stewardsonii x A. dracontium hybrids =in
Massachusetts. Rhodora 94: 340-347.

Two additional botanists, David Bouffourd from Harvard and Keith
Clay from Bloomington, also have suggested this (in correspondence).

In addition, Jin Murata and a student have published allozyme dat=a
that suggest that A. ehimense may be of hybrid origin:

Maki M, Murata J. 2001. Allozyme analysis of the hybrid origin of Arisaem=a
ehimense (Araceae). HEREDITY 86(1): 87-93.

I would be very interested in additional reports.

Susanne Renner

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