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>Is there a publication that gives these values for the
>species?  Do Arisaema species come with a variety of chromosome
>numbers?  I.e., are there triploid or tetraploid strains of A. triphyllu=m
>as well as the diploid?

The following publications tabulate numerous chromosome counts for Arisae=ma:

Watanabe K., Kobayashi T., and J. Murata. 1998. Cytology and systematics =in
Japanese Arisaema (Araceae). J. Plant Res. 111: 509-521.

Ko, S. C., K. H. Tae, T. O. Kwon, and Y. S. Kim. 1987. A cytotaxonomic
study on some species of Arisaema. Korean J. Plant Tax. 17: 189-205.

A chromosome number of x = 14 is most common in Arisaema, and numbers o=f x
=13 and x= 12 seem to be derived.  Yes, there are clear polyploids.

Susanne Renner

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