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The rules for naming cultivated plants are found in the International
Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants.  I think the most recent
edition is 1995.

This is a very complicated and not uncontroversial document of 173
pages, but anyone who wants to name plants must read it.

One frequently overlooked rule is that a plant to be named must have
been propagated vegetatively through at least one generation, and the
offspring must be the same as the parent.

Barry Yinger

USDA Zone mid 6
Lewisberry, Pennsylvania

"J.E. Shields" wrote:
> Adam "Irisman" et al.,
> The ISHS (International Society for Horticultural Sciences) has overall
> responsibility for registration of names of cultivated plant
> varieties.  They have a web site,
>   http://www/
> where you can see who is responsible for each genus.  This might be an =area
> where a responsible society could step in, if they have a concerned,
> conscientious individual to perform the duties.  It appears that the IC=RA
> for genus Arisaema belongs to the INTERNATIONAL AROID SOCIETY (IAS) URL
> =  or e-mail to <selbyhort at>
> There is a detailed book of rules for how these names are to be made, t=he
> "International Code for Nomenclature of Cultivated Plants."
> Any selected clone can be given a name, whether hybrid or not.  Parenta=ge
> information is optional, depending on the attitude of the ICRA
> (International Cultivar Registration Authority" -- i.e., the registrar =for
> the particular genus).
> I'm no expert on this.  Kevin Walik <giboshiman at> (hostas and
> daylilies) is however very very knowledgeable about the ICNCP, if you c=an't
> get information from IAS.
> Jim Shields
> in central Indiana
> At 11:00 PM 3/6/02 -0600, you wrote:
> >Hello All--I see that I did prompt some discussion. I am in another gr=oup
> >where irisman is known  --I will try to identify myself each time in t=his
> >group, but I have to learn a new set of habits, then, not too easy at =my
> >age,(78) where learning a new password is a trial.
> >
> >I would hope that nobody would want to pass off hybrids as species, th=e
> >problem of identification is tough enough ,it would appear. Isn't ther=e a
> >nomenclatural committee somewhere, (international?) that also has rule=s for
> >registering hybrids with known parentage ?  Or am I spoiled because of=my
> >iris associations? The species identification problem with irises is
> >troubled also, even after 300 years or so of taxonomic revisions., but
> >there's more published, and more , so most of us have better illusions=,
> >probably.
> >
> >   Adam Fikso, 3620 Glenview rd., Glenview, IL USDA Zone 5a -- to -25F
> >
> >
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> > > In a message dated 3/6/02 3:54:41 PM, irisman at AMERITECH.NET writes:
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> > > << I also had to ask about the list because different lists have qu=ite
> > > different unspoken conventions for answering, or "talking" and I wa=s
> >trying
> > > to find my way, being somewhat intrusive, outspoken, etc
> > > >>
> > >
> > > Having watched this exchange, I would like to point out that most l=ists do
> > > suggest that a writer identify himself. Alpine-L, for instance, str=ongly
> > > suggests/requires that one give his/her name and place of residence=. It's
> > > difficult to get into the mood to respond to anonymous postings. (I=f your
> > > name is really irisman. you have my apologies).
> > >
> > > Jim McClements, Dover, Delaware, USA
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